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Descrizione del prodotto
Telewave 44A RF Wattmeter is used for direct measurement of forward and reflected RF power in a coaxial transmission line under any load conditions. Wide band capability and dynamic range allows operation without elements, inserts, or bandswitching.

This wide-band instrument covers a 25- to 1000-MHz frequency range with a 0 to 500-watt power range. Its 20-microAmp taut band meter movement is shock-mounted in a die-cast case, so it is ideal for mobile radio installation in aircraft, ground vehicles or base stations.

Telewave 44A includes two Type N Female Quick Change connectors and a leather carrying strap to facilitate portability. VSWR and calibration factor charts are printed on the back of the unit. The meter features an "OFF" switch which places a protective shunt across the meter terminals.

  • Nessun elemento da acquistare a parte
  • Nessuna selezione di banda di frequenza
  • Misurazioni da 1 a 500W in 5 range
  • copre le frequenze da 20 a 1000MHz
  • Porta di campionamento a -40 dB per il monitor
  • Esecuzione: Portatile - da banco
  • Frequenza massima: 1000 MHz
  • Frequenza minima: 20 MHz
  • Potenza massima: 500W fondo scala
  • Potenza minima: 5W fondo scala
  • Tipo di misura: passante